Re: The future of the Email address, Part I (from Popco).

Tim Byars (
Tue, 4 Jun 1996 08:04:33 -0800

This is possibly the perfect post, embodying sarcasm, humor, inside jokes,
and well, I could go on but I am to busy to start the Adam Rifkin fan club.

At 1:17 AM -0700 6/4/96, I Find Karma wrote:
>> Seriouisly, data terrorism is going to happen.
>Is there any good reason why it isn't already?
>> The last time Rohit and Ernie were over at my place we discussed how
>> we could bring down the "entire" Internet in a night with only my rig,
>> a 6 pack of Jolt and a good pizza.
>You know, even bad pizza is a little good.
>> You have to wonder when the terrorists on both the left and right
>> are going to discover this.
>Well, if the NSA hasn't officially started reading FoRK yet, this
>little message should have them starting a "Rohit file"...
>Hey Rob, how about throwing in some M-x spooks for fun?
>> And you have to wonder who will be the first target?
> *snicker*
>Everybody Wang Chung tonight.


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