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Subject: 4th IFIP ATM Workshop

Appended to this announcement are the Workshop Tutorial and Technical
Programmes and a Registration Form.

IFIP TC6, Working Groups 6.3 and 6.4
and TC6 Task Force on Performance of Computer Networks


Also Supported by
British Computer Society Performance Engineering Specialist Group
Performance Engineering Section of BT Labs., UK
Skelton GmbH, Germany
Telematics International Ltd., UK
Departments of Computing, of Electrical Engineering
and of Mathematics, University of Bradford, UK

8th - 10th July, 1996
Craiglands Hotel*, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, U.K.
(* The Craiglands is a delightful country hotel on the edge of the
beautiful Yorkshire Dales and near the famed Ilkley Moor.)

General Chair
Demetres Kouvatsos, Bradford, U.K.

Provisional Scientific Committee
Ake Arvidsson, Karlskrona/Ronneby, Sweden
Monique Becker, Evry, France
Chris Blondia, Antwerpen, Netherlands
Alexandre Brandwajn, Santa Cruz, U.S.A.
Herwig Bruneel, Ghent, Belgium
Nigel Burton, GPT Ltd., U.K.
Olga Casals, Catalunya, Spain
Marco Conti, CNUCE, Italy
Laurie Cuthbert, London, U.K.
Tadeusz Czachorski, Gliwice, Poland
Lorenzo Donatiello, Bologna, Italy
Serge Fdida, Paris, France
Georges Fiche, ALCATEL CIT, France
Erol Gelenbe, Duke, U.S.A.
Nicolas Georganas, Ottawa, Canada
Richard Gibbens, Cambridge, U.K.
Fred Halsall, Wales, U.K.
Peter Harrison, London, U.K.
Boudewijn Haverkort, Aachen, Netherlands
Christoph Herrmann, Philips, Germany
Ilias Iliadis, IBM Z|rich, Switzerland
Laszlo Jereb, Budapest, Hungary
Gunnar Karlsson, Kista, Sweden
Peter Key, BT, UK
Ernest Koenigsberg, Berkeley, U.S.A.
Daniel Kofman, Paris, France
Ulf Korner, Lund, Sweden
Paul Kuehn, Stuttgart, Germany
Phil Mars, Durham, U.K.
Marco Ajmone Marsan, Torino, Italy
Isi Mitrani, Newcastle, U.K.
Nicholas Mitrou, Athens, Greece
Arne Nilsson, North Carolina, U.S.A.
Raif Onvural, IBM, U.S.A.
Achille Pattavina, Milano, Italy
Harry Perros, North Carolina, U.S.A.
Michal Pioro, Warsaw, Poland
Ramon Puigjaner, Illas Balears, Spain
Guy Pujolle, Paris, France
Douglas Reeves, North Carolina, U.S.A.
Doug Shepherd, Lancaster, U.K.
Andreas Skliros, Telematics Int. Ltd., U.K.
Geoff Smith, Strathclyde, U.K.
Otto Spaniol, Aachen, Germany
Ioannis Stavrakakis, Boston, U.S.A.
Yutaka Takahashi, Kyoto, Japan
Don Towsley, Massachusetts, USA
Phuoc Tran-Gia, W|rzburg, Germany
Yannis Viniotis, North Carolina, U.S.A.
Hideaki Yamashita, Tokyo, Japan

Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) networks are widely considered to be
the new generation of high speed communication systems both for
broadband public information highways and for local and wide area
private networks. Over recent years there has been a great deal of
progress in research and development of ATM technology, but there are
still many interesting and important problems to be resolved such as
traffic characterisation and control, routing and optimisation, ATM
switching techniques and provision of specified quality of service.

The aim of the Workshop is to contribute to fundamental research in ATM
technology and focus on performance modelling and analysis of ATM

The Workshop will commence with a

. Tutorial Programme in which eminent researchers and practitioners in
the field present the fundatmental technology and performance issues
for ATM networks. There will be 6 tutorials and comprehensive notes
are provided.

This will be followed by the main

. Technical Programme of some 75 research papers, both from industry
and from academia, worldwide, on current developments in the theory
and practice of performance modelling and evaluation of ATM

The Workshop provides the friendly and informal atmosphere in which
participants from all over the world exchange new ideas and discuss
developments in this most interesting and challenging area of high

For registration details, prospective participants are invited to
contact Vassilis Tsantos (email:, fax: +44 1274
383920). Further information on the Technical Programme can be
obtained from Demetres Kouvatsos (email:,
tel: +44 1274 383941, fax: +44 1274 383920).

======================= ( end of announcement ) =======================

Fourth IFIP Workshop on Performance Modelling and Evaluation of

A T M N e t w o r k s

8th-10th July, 1996
Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, U.K.

Tutorial Programme

Sunday, 7th. July, 1996

5:00--7:30 Registration

6:00--7:30 Get Together over Sherry

Monday, 8th. July, 1996

Session 1

8:15 The Distributed LANE Approach for Networking
(1) Bryan Munro-Smith (Agile Networks, UK)

9:00 ATM Congestion Control Mechanisms
(2) Chris Blondia (Antwerpen, Belgium),
Olga Casals (Catalunya, Spain)

9:45 Quality Requirements and Network Support for Asynchronous
(3) Transfer of Video
Gunnar Karlsson (Swedish Institute of Computer Science)

10:30 -- Coffee

Session 2

10:55 Multiple-Access Protocols over the Years
(4) Frans J.M. Panken (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

11:40 Neural Networks in ATM Switching Systems
(5) Mark Bromirski (Military Communication Institute, Poland)

12:25 Testing ATM Networks
(6) Keith Bolland (GN Nettest Ltd., UK)

1:10 -- Lunch

2:00 Afternoon Devoted to Technical Programme

==================== ( end of tutorial programme ) ====================

Technical Programme

Monday, 8th. July, 1996

10:00 Registration

12:45 Lunch

1:50 Welcome and Introductory Remarks
Demetres Kouvatsos

Session 1: Switch Models (I)

2:00 Cost Effective Scalable Switching Fabrics
(46) Neil Davies (Bristol, UK),
Chris Davis-Pipe (Partnership in Advanced Computing, UK),
Andy Jones (SGS-Thompson, UK)

2:25 ATM Traffic Control and the Impact of pRAM on ATM Switch Design
(47) Xhafer Krasniqi, Godfrey Onyiagha, Trevor G. Clarkson
(King's College London, UK)

2:50 Simulation of Queue Service Algorithms in a Local Area
ATM Switch Node
(48) J.G. Yao, J. Mellor, M. Ritch (Durham, UK)

3:15 Priorized State-dependent Buffer-management Schemes
(49) in the ATM Switch
Wieslaw Lobejko (Military Communication Institute, Poland)

3:40 Evaluation of ATM Nodes QoS Characteristics
(50) for Solution of the Network Resources Allocation Problem
Yuri Zlotnikov, Svetlana Meltzin
(Bar-Ilan University, Israel)

4:05 -- Tea

Session 2a: Tools and Techniques (I)

4:30 CLONP: A Planning Tool for Connectionless Overlay Networks
(56) Tien V. Do, Laszlo Jereb, T. Izso, Gyorgy Wolfner
(Budapest, Hungary)

4:55 Integrated Cell and Call Level Simulation of ATM Networks
(57) M. Ajmone-Marsan, A. Bianco, A. Francini, R. Lo Cigno, M. Munafo
(Politecnico di Torino, Italy)

5:20 GSPN Analysis of the Knockout ATM Switch
(58) M. Ajmone-Marsan (Politecnico do Torino, Italy),
R. Gaeta (Universita di Torino, Italy)

5:45 Transmission Channel Utilization Resulted by the Incorporation
(59) of a CAC Algorithm in the ATM Model of the OPNET Simulation Tool
D. Kanellopoulos, K. Tziaros, S. Koubias, G. Papadopoulos
(Patras, Greece)

6:10 Integrated Network Performance Optimization Method for ATM B-ISDN
(60) Vassilis Valentzas (Skelton GmbH, Germany),
George Konstantoulakis (Athens, Greece),
Kyriacos Sabatakakis (CSEM, Switzerland),
Nikos Pronios (INTRACOM, Greece)

Session 2b: Connection and Admission Control (I)

4:30 Sojourn Time Analysis and Applications to Call Admission Control
(16) in ATM Networks
Kun Qian (Nortel Technology, Canada)

4:55 Call Admission Control for ATM Networks by Source Distribution
(17) Transformations
J. Levendovszky (Budapest, Hungary),
E.C. van der Meulen (Leuven, Belgium),
S. Imre, B. Varga (Budapest, Hungary)

5:20 Some Remarks on the Determination of Source Traffic Descriptors
(18) for Complex Sources
A.M.R. Slingerland, V.F. Nicola, F.W. Hoeksema, P.F. Chimento
(Twente, The Netherlands)

5:45 Multiple-Availability-Level ATM Network Concept Integrating
(19) Multiple QOS, Dynamic Demand Admission and Logical Spare
Capacity Assignment
Kyamakya Kyandoghere (Hagen, Germany)

6:10 Identification of Resource Allocation Trends for
(24) Corporate ATM Networks
J. Cosmas, J. Pitts, M. Bocci, Z. Luo (Queen Mary and Westfield, UK),
D. Nyong, J. Moughton, R. Evans (Cray Communications, UK),
S. Rai (Nortel, UK)

6:35 -- Close

8:00 -- Workshop Dinner at the Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley.

Tuesday, 9th. July, 1996

Session 3a: Traffic and Congestion Control (I)

9:10 ATM Traffic Shaper with Neural Control
(25) Mark Bromirski (Military Communication Institute, Poland)

9:35 Traffic Shaping at Source Using Feedback
(26) N.G. Harris, G. Roberts-Baxter (Johannesburg, South Africa)

10:00 Queueing Analysis of Traffic Shaping and Scheduling Applied
(27) in the Source ATM End Point
Tien V. Do, Laszlo Jereb, Gyorgy Wolfner (Budapest, Hungary)

10:25 VBR Video Traffic Shaping for ATM Networks
(28) Frank Ball, David Hutchinson, Demetres Kouvatsos

Session 3b: Routing (I)

9:35 How to Place Connectionless Servers in ATM Networks
(09) Marko Schuba, Peter Reichl (Aachen, Germany)

10:00 A Routing Algorithm for Connectionless Networking in B-ISDN
(10) Teresa Maria Vazao, Augusto Casaca (IST/INESC, Portugal)

10:25 Alternative Path Routing of VCC on Virtual Path Networks
(11) R. Fabregat-Gesa, T. Jove-Lagunas, E.F. Torres-Moreno,
J.L. Marzo (Girona, Spain)

10:50 -- Coffee

Session 4a: Traffic Models and Characterisation (I)

11:20 Modelling the ATM Bursty and Correlated Input Processes with
(01) a 4-State MMBP
Sufian Yousef (Anglia Polytechnic Uni., UK),
John A. Schormans (Queen Mary and Westfield, UK)

11:45 Approximating the Departure Process in MMPP/M/1 Queues with
(02) Finite Capacity
Ram Chakka, Peter Harrison (Imperial College, London, UK)

12:10 An Analysis of Impacts of Correlated Traffic on Performance of
(03) ATM Networks
Guang-Liang Li (Academia Sinica, China),
Fang-Ming Li (Shenyang, China)

12:35 Effect of Burst Structure in Correlated Traffic
(04) Rod Fretwell, Demetres Kouvatsos (Bradford, UK)

Session 4b: Adaptation Layer and Protocols

11:20 An FEC Protocol for Video over ATM
(38) Martyn J. Riley, Iain E.G. Richardson
(Robert Gordon University, UK)

11:45 Support of Low Bit Rate Applications in ATM Networks
(39) Martin Johnsson (Ericsson Radio Systems, Sweden)

12:10 Simulated Performance of TCP over UBR and ABR
(40) M. Ishizuka, H. Kitazume, A. Koike (NTT Labs., Japan)

12:35 A Mathematical Model to Evaluate the Performance of
(41) a Class of Multiple-Access Protocols for B-ISDN
Frans J.M. Panken (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

1:00 -- Lunch

Session 5a: Tools and Techniques (II)

2:00 Diffusion Models of Leaky Bucket and Partial Buffer Sharing Policy:
(61) A Transient Analysis
Tadeusz Czachorski (Polish Academy of Sciences),
F. Pekergin (LIPN, Paris, France)

2:25 Markov Chain Animation: Extension to More Than One Dimension
(62) and Time Varying Inputs
J.M. Griffiths, S. Winstanley (Queen Mary and Westfield, UK)

2:50 The Application of Bayesian Statistics to the Evaluation of
(63) ATM Network Data
M.J. Tunnicliffe, I.W. Phillips, D.J. Parish (Loughborough, UK)

3:15 Polymorphic Functions for Data Mining in an ATM Network
(64) K.E. Burn-Thornton, D.M. Catrall, A. Simpson (Nortel Ltd., UK)

3:40 A Burst Level ATM Traffic Generator
(65) St. Hontas, A. Evagelatos, D. Vasileiou, N. Mitrou
(Athens, Greece)

Session 5b: Traffic and Congestion Control (II)

2:00 Explicit Rate Marking in ATM ABR Service and its Use in Explicit
(29) Congestion Notification in TCP/IP
Qin Li, Zheng Wang (University College London, UK)

2:25 A Comparison of Classical Control Techniques for EFCI ABR Connections
(30) M. Ajmone-Marsan, A. Bianco, R. Lo Cigno, M. Munafo
(Politecnico di Torino, Italy)

2:50 Congestion Control of AAL3/4 and AAL5 Traffic over ATM Networks
(31) A.K. Shandal, A.G. Waters (Kent, UK)

3:15 The Effects of ABR Traffic on CBR Traffic
(32) David Akehurst, Peter Linington, Andrew Symes, Gill Waters
(Kent, UK)

3:40 Dynamic Time Sharing: A New Approach for Congestion Management
(33) Adrian Popescu (Karlskrona/Ronneby, Sweden),
Parag Pruthi (Bellcore, USA)

4:05 -- Tea

Session 6a: Routing (II)

4:30 Enhancing the Self-Healing Capability of Statically Protected
(12) ATM Networks
P.A. Veitch, D.G. Smith (Strathclyde, UK),
I. Hawker (BT Laboratories, UK)

4:55 Dynamic Route Selection at Call Set-up Level in ATM Networks
(13) R. Bolla, A. Dalal'ah, F. Davoli, M. Marchese (Genoa, Italy)

5:20 Routing of Disjoint Backup Paths in ATM Networks
(14) Michal Pioro, Michal Szczesniak (Warsaw, Poland)

5:45 Reduction of Routing Complexity in Telecommunication Networks
(15) by a Novel Multilayer Decomposition
AAke Arvidsson (Karlskrona/Ronneby, Sweden),
Wlodek Holender (Lund, Sweden),
Torgny Karlsson (Ericsson Radio, Sweden)

Session 6b: High Speed LAN's and MAN's

4:30 Performance of a Remainder Enforcement Transmission Rule in
(70) a High Speed Register Insertion Ring
Jerzy Konorski (Gdansk, Poland)

4:55 Performance Evaluation of a Low-End ATM Network
(71) Pauline Francis-Cobley, Shirley A. Williams (Reading, UK)

5:20 TCP(UDP)/IP Throughput Performance Evaluation for ATM
(72) Local Area Networks
I. Andrikopoulos, T. Ors (Surrey, UK),
M. Matijasevic (Zagreb, Croatia), H. Leitold (Graz, Austria),
S.P.W. Jones (Surrey, UK)

5:45 Traffic Performance Optimization on ATM Switches by
(73) Station Configuration Planning
N.G. Harris, I. Campbell (Johannesburg, South Africa)

6:10 -- Close

7:00 -- Bus Leaves the Craiglands Hotel for Fountains Abbey and
Studley Royal -- View ruins of 12th century Cistercian abbey,
Tour of the famous 18th century gardens and Barbecue

Wednesday, 10th. July, 1996

Session 7a: Traffic Models and Characterisation (II)

9:10 Performance, Inter Arrival, and Correlation Analysis of
(05) the 4-Phase MMPP Model in the ATM Based B-ISDN
Sufian Yousef (Anglia Polytechnic Uni., UK),
John A. Schormans (Queen Mary and Westfield, UK)

9:35 Traffic Characterisation and Modelling of VBR Coded MPEG Sources
(06) Anastasios D. Doulamis, Nicholaos D. Doulamis,
George E. Konstantoulakis, George I. Stassinopoulos
(Athens, Greece)

10:00 Video Coding and ATM Statistical Bit Rate Capability
(07) M. Simon, M. de Olivera, J. Pechiar, L.Casamayou
(Instituto de Ingeneria Electrica, Montevideo, Uruguay)

10:25 The Impact of VBR MPEG Video Traffic on ATM Multiplexer
(08) Performance Modelling and its Evaluation
Juergen Enssle (Stuttgart, Germany)

Session 7b: Quality of Service

9:10 Efficient Transmission of MPEG-2 Coded Video over ATM Networks
(42) D. Wilson, M Ghanbari (Essex, UK)

9:35 Monitoring, Evaluation and Notification of QoS in ATM Networks
(43) J. Garcia, J. Zhang (Essex, UK)

10:00 Packet Level Discard: A Practical Way to Improve ATM Goodput
(44) Steve Glick (Cray Communications, UK),
John Mellor, Jian-Guo Yao (Durham, UK)

10:25 Study of Scheduling for Group-based Quality of Service Delivery
(45) I. Stavrakakis, X. Wang (Northeastern University, USA)

10:50 -- Coffee

Session 8a: Traffic and Congestion Control (III)

11:20 Prioritized UPC of Layered MPEG Coded VBR Video Traffic in
(34) ATM Networks
Tien V. Do, Laszlo Gyalog (Budapest, Hungary)

11:45 QoS Based Modelling of Multiservice Applications and
(35) its Communication Control Issues
Xiaobao Chen (Cambridge, UK)

12:10 Policing VBR Video Traffic in ATM Networks:
(36) A Stochastic Bounding Interval Approach
Tariq M Jadoon, D.A. Harle (Strathclyde, UK)

12:35 ATM Networking with VSATs
(37) Tolga Ors, Zhili Sun, S.P.W. Jones (Surrey, UK)

Session 8b: Network Management

11:20 Modelling Issues in ATM Planning and Management
(66) M.A.H. Dempster, E.A. Medova, R.T. Thompson (Cambridge, UK)

11:45 Some Preliminaries about the Charging Mechanism for ATM Networks
(67) Johan M. Karlsson (Lund, Sweden)

12:10 A Proposal for Security Services in ATM Networks
(68) H. Cruickshank, Z. Sun, S. Velentzas (Surrey, UK)

12:35 An Information Element Based Management System for
(69) ATM Access Equipment
Gennaro Marino (Italtel, Italy)

1:00 -- Lunch

Session 9: Switch Models (II)

2:00 A Simple Model for Cell Loss Probability Evaluation in
(51) an ATM Multiplexer
R. Bolla, F. Davoli, M. Marchese (Genoa, Italy)

2:25 Determining Bounds for Performance Parameters of an ATM Multiplexer
(52) with Homogeneous ON-OFF Sources Using Markov Decision Processes
Andras Pfening, Miklos Telek (Budapest, Hungary),
Khalid Begain (Mu'tah, Jordan)

2:50 MRE Solution to the Polling Model with Application to
(53) Shared Medium Switches
Demetres Kouvatsos, Charalabos Skianis

3:15 ME Solution to the Shared Buffer with Space Priority Problem
(54) Demetres Kouvatsos, Jeffrey Wilkinson

3:40 Microscopic Models of ATM Multiplexing
(55) Gerard Hebuterne (Institut Nationale des Telecommunications, France)

4:05 -- Tea

Session 10: Connection and Admission Control (II)

4:30 ATM Call Admission Control Using Neural Network
(21) Henryk Bledoski (Military Communication Institute, Poland)

4:55 ATM Traffic Management: Resource Estimation & Allocation Using
(22) Effective Bandwidths
Tryfon Chiotis (Athens, Greece)

5:20 Call Admission Control Algorithms for Voice, Video and Data Traffic
(23) Sergio Montagna, Roberto Paglino, Alberto Puglisi (Italtel, Italy)

5:45 Time Scale Decompostion in ATM Call Admission Control
(20) Jie Wang (AT&T Labs., USA)

6:10 -- Close

7:00 -- Bus Leaves the Craiglands Hotel for York -- ancient walled city,
boat trip and buffet dinner on board

Poster Papers

(74) NN-based Time Slice Allocator for Bandwidth Management in ATM Networks
Ibrahim Khalil, Borhanuddin Mohd Ali (Universiti Pertanian Malaysia)

(75) Per Stream Consecutive Cell Loss in ATM Networks
Pieter-Tjerk de Boer, Victor F. Nicola (Twente, The Netherlands)

(76) Entropy as Characterisation of Correlated Traffic
Hamid-Ullah Jan, Demetres Kouvatsos, Rod Fretwell

==================== ( end of technical programme ) ===================

==================== R E G I S T R A T I O N F O R M =======================

Fourth IFIP Workshop on Performance Modelling and Evaluation of ATM Networks
8th-10th July, 1996
Craiglands Hotel, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, U.K.

Name .........................................................

Affiliation/Position .........................................................

Postal Address ............................................................



Telephone ....................... Fax. .......................

E-mail ...............................

FEES - please tick appropriate items.

Registration Fee (Participation in the Technical Programme of the Workshop)
Professional Colleagues # 375 ___
Students not in employment # 275 ___

The registration fee covers attendance at the Technical Programme, a copy of
the Participants Proceedings and all refreshments, luncheons, dinners Monday
8th. to Wednesday 10th. July, and social events (see at foot of form). Also
included is one copy* of the third volume on Performance Modelling and
Evaluation of ATM Networks to be published for IFIP by Chapman and Hall

* The book comprises refereed extended versions of papers presented at this
Workshop. A copy of the book, when printed, is to be posted directly to
each participant by the publishers.

Tutorial Fee
Professional Colleagues # 150 ___
Students not in employment # 80 ___

The tutorial fee covers attendance at the Tutorial School, a copy of the
lecture notes for each tutorial and refreshments.

Accommodation (bed and full English Breakfast) has been reserved for
residential participants in the Craiglands Hotel and in other hotels nearby
(c.5 minutes walking distance). These are small country hotels with a limited
number of rooms. Accommodation is of broadly two categories. In the higher
(e.g. Craiglands), the rooms all have bathrooms en suite. In the second
category, not all rooms have bathrooms en suite.

Category 1 Category 2
# 45/night # 29/night
Saturday ___ ___ (6/7/96)
Sunday ___ ___ (7/7/96)
Monday ___ ___ (8/7/96)
Tuesday ___ ___ (9/7/96)
Wednesday ___ ___ (10/7/96)
Thursday ___ ___ (11/7/96)
Friday ___ ___ (12/7/96)

Vegetarian Diet ___


Dates and approximate times of arrival at Ilkley and of departure from Ilkley

arrival date __ /7/96, time ______ departure date __ /7/96, time ______


Additional Copies of Proceedings, Lecture Notes and Books (Indicate number of
--------------------------------------------------------- copies required.)

A limited number of copies of the Participants Proceedings and of the Tutorial
Lecture Notes will be made available at cost for participants requiring
additional copies and for the benefit of those colleagues who are interested
in the Workshop but unable to attend.

Participants Proceedings (76 papers, c800pp) # 70 ___
Tutorial Lecture Notes (6 papers, c250pp) # 35 ___

Additional copies of the book of refereed extended versions of papers from
this Workshop and of the books from previous years may be obtained at a
special discount though the Workshop.

Performance Modelling and Evaluation of ATM Networks (first volume) 1995
32 papers from the Second IFIP Workshop # 50 ___

ATM Networks: Performance Modelling and Analysis (second volume) 1996
23 papers from the Third IFIP Workshop # 43 ___

3rd volume on Performance Modelling and Evaluation of ATM Networks
selected papers from the Fourth IFIP Workshop # 35 ___

Applicants should complete this registration form and forward it, with
remittance, to
Vassilis Tsiantos,
Department of Computing,
Phoenix Building,
University of Bradford,
Bradford BD7 1DP
Fax. +44 1274-383920 e-mail

Payment may be in pounds Sterling only.

Cashiers cheques should be made payable to "UK-ATM" and crossed.

The Workshop cannot accept payment by credit card.

The Workshop is not VAT registered and no VAT is charged or included in the
prices quoted.

Information on travel and transport to Ilkley will be forwarded to
participants with acknowledgement of registration.


Social Events

Sunday, 7th. July Reception at Craiglands Hotel

Monday, 8th. July Workshop Dinner at Craiglands Hotel

Tuesday, 9th. July Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal --- guided tour and

Wednesday, 10th. July York --- buffet dinner on board during boat trip on
the River Ouse

Fountains Abbey was founded by Cistercian Monks in 1132 and is now the largest
monastic ruin in Britain. The Abbey ruins stand on the banks of the River Skell
adjacent to the 18th century landscape gardens of Studley Royal. The gardens
are famed for one of the few surviving examples of a Georgian green garden,
water garden, ornamental temples and follies and for magnificent vistas. The
gardens are bounded by a lake and 400 acres of deer park.

York has, in its history, been the principal military centre during the Roman
occupation of Britain, the centre of the Viking civilisation in Britain and
the county town of by far the largest county of Britain. Much of the city
walls survive from the Middle Ages.

For any other information please contact Demetres Kouvatsos

tel. +44 1274 383941
fax. +44 1274 383920

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