Re: Even the penile enlargement fad has to be measured against the Web...

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Fri, 7 Jun 1996 15:40:05 -0400 (EDT)

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Continuing this fine, peurile penile thread... the WSJ story has been
a great pick-up lead. For example, I found this one in my box as a result:

Re: Even the penile enlargement fad has to be measured against the Web...

A female of my acquaintance, who wishes to remain
anonymous, told me this true story.

* * *

Independent Research Shows Another Method for Enlargement

When Ms. X lived in New York City in the 80's she had a
boyfriend, Mr. Y, who decided, after much thought and
consideration, to get circumcised. He was not Jewish, had
no self-esteem problems, and was not interested in
attracting women, but had become convinced that
circumcision was the right thing to do. (She never figured
out why; he'd had the procedure done years before they
met, and told her the story.)

Mr. Y talked it over with his doctor, went into a NYC
hospital, had the circumcision done, and afterward his
brother went to help him go home to the Bronx. When he was
dressing, he realized he could not zip up his jeans even
half-way -- the circumcision had enlarged his penis too
much. He had no extra clothes, and wound up going home
with a towel wrapped around himself to camouflage the open
fly. His brother laughed immoderately, all the way home
on the subway.

After the circumcision, he never experienced scarring or
problems of any kind. The doctorr had told him to expect
penile enlargement -- and he was right. After the
operation, Mr. Y told Ms. X, he had to go out and buy a
bunch of new pants, because he could no longer wear the
pre-op ones; they were too small. He never wore those
pants again.

Maybe there should be another Web site that discusses
circumcision as an alternate method for penile