Do the people really want PA avenue?

I Find Karma (
Sat, 8 Jun 96 16:13:27 PDT

I mean, now that I think about it, why do we want to go up to
the white house? There will only be people there shooting at
us anyway.

> From Sat Jun 8 08:37:55 1996
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> Subject: Returning Pennsylvania Avenue to the People
> U.S. Senator Rod Grams (Minnesota) has created a special home page to
> collect public comments on the need to reopen Pennsylvania Avenue in
> front of the White House. The page will be active only until June 28,
> which coincides with the public comment period established by the
> National Park Service on its plans to permanently close the area to
> traffic.
> It is important that we spread the word about the Senator's Web site
> as rapidly as possible. If you are interested in providing a link on
> your Hotlinks page, it would be greatly appreciated. The "Returning
> Pennsylvania Avenue to the People" home page is located at:
> Thank you.