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Tim Byars (
Mon, 17 Jun 1996 09:36:23 -0700

Bloomberg Business News

Apple Computer Inc.'s Claris software unit has bought a new computer
program for creating pages on the World Wide
Web from privately held San Andreas Systems.

The application bought by Claris automates some of the time-consuming tasks
involved in building a ''page'' on the
World Wide Web. It can automatically translate a command into hyper-text
markup language, or HTML, the computer
lan guage used in the Web, which is the graphically oriented part of the
Internet. Apple said the deal is critical to its new
strategy of focusing many of its products on the Internet.

Terms of the transaction weren't disclosed.

Claris said test versions of Claris Home Page, code-named Loma Prieta while
it was under development by Los
Altos-based San Andreas, will be available by the end of the month. The
company plans to begin shipping final versions
of the program by end of the summer.

Prices for the program haven't been determined, the company said.

Claris Home Page helps novice users as well as experienced designers
quickly set up a site on the Web.


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