Alta Vista for FTP

Tim (
Sun, 23 Jun 1996 11:42:31 -0700

Archie just sucks!! Gopher just sucks!!

Would it be that difficult to write a spider, crawler, bot, whatever that
would go to the FTP port, go in as anonymous and catalog the FTP sites?
Then provide them to something like AltaVista?

I am trying to find an app called Joe's Pager. This lets you send a message
to any alphanumeric pager using motorola protocals from any Mac with a
Modem. I found the HyperCard version but I want the stand alone app.
Neither Archie nor Gopher can find it. Although I just downloaded the
HyperCard version off of Tidbit's FTP site.

Rohit, tell your friends at DEC to include this in AltaVista, please?!?!?!



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