Angelyne explicated -- is Trixi next?

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 25 Jun 96 13:30:51 -0400

Fret not, the answers have arrived ---- welcome to post-modern hollywood!

>> "I can feel myself getting more and more famous every day" -- in _People_

L.A. VIDEO is pleased to announce its maiden release, ANGELYNE, an insightful
and playful documentary look at the woman who has catapulted herself into the
forefront of L.A. icons. becoming a national and international phenomenon.
Since the 1980s, countless Angelyne billboards advertising her name, phone
number, and show-stopping anatomy have appeared throughout the city, and are
now an integral part of the local skyscape.

But, as many near and far have wondered, WHO IS THE REAL WOMAN behind those
amazing... billboards?

In ANGELYNE, produced and directed by Robinson Devor and Michael Guccione,
you'll get the chance to meet not just this extraordinary woman but also some
of the key people in her life: her Financial Backer; her Fan Club President;
her Psychotherapist; her Lingerie Consultant, and others. You'll see Angelyne
at home, lounging at the pool, shopping for panties in West Hollywood, and out
on the town in her trademark pink Corvette with her #1 fan from Sweden.
You'll hear Angelyne expound upon her views on everything from men and sex to
the cosmos, stardom, and her spiritual kinship with Barbie. You'll learn all
about the Angelyne Fan Club and witness the erection of an Angelyne billboard.

ANGELYNE is in glorious black & white and runs 25 minutes; it's not rated and
retails for $14.98.

"'ANGELYNE has been said to be as important as the Hollywood sign,' as quoted
by CNN and numerous media sources. A visual phenomenon, a living icon, and
famous for the magic she possesses... ANGELYNE, Hollywood Billboard Queen, the
new Love Goddess of the now future.

"Her initial campaign for fame was a billboard blitz throughout Los Angeles,
extending to New York, and overseas to England and Germany! Since then she has
consistently been seen on billboards, posters, bus shelters, bus sides, and
murals, establishing her image internationally as part of the L.A. skyline,
and far beyond! These promotional advertisements, in effect, are her 'agent.'
ANGELYNE receives calls from all over the world through her billboards for
magazine interviews, photo layouts, television and talk show appearances,
personal appearances, and feature film roles.

"ANGELYNE is a true star of Hollywood. Not content to be labeled a singer,
actress, dancer, or performer of any kind, her image and persona capture the
glamour and magic of stardom in its purest form. ANGELYNE represents the power
we all have within ourselves to reach our dreams and make anything happen.
For those who come to Hollywood in hopes of catching a glimpse of some
celebrity, an Angelyne sighting is an unforgettable experience. Driving
through the streets of Los Angeles in her famous Pink Corvette, greeting her