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Iomega Announces Summer Rebate Program On Zip Products

ROY, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 1, 1996-- Iomega Corp today announced a
limited-time rebate program for its Zip
drive and 100 MB Zip disks. The rebate program, which represents the next
step in Iomega's previously announced
strategy of expanding market penetration of its award-winning Zip products,
offers customers unprecedented value on a
removable storage solution.

Zip drives, which sell for an estimated
street price of $199.95 (U.S.), will be eligible for a $50 mail-in rebate.

In addition, customers will also be eligible to receive a $20 mail-in
rebate when they purchase any combination of 10
Iomega branded Zip disks including Iomega's Giga-pack which sells for an
estimated street price of $149.95 (U.S). To
qualify, customers must purchase Iomega branded Zip drive and disks at
participating North American resellers and mail
the rebate coupon and original receipt back to Iomega by October 15, 1996.

In addition, for those customers who purchase a Zip drive and 10 Zip disks,
Iomega is also offering a free Zip drive
carrying case and two Zip caddies, each of which can organize up to six
disks. Both purchases must be made at the same

"The Zip drive is gaining acceptance as the new high capacity, high
performance personal storage standard for multimedia
computing in today's digital age," said Andy Grolnick, Zip product line
manager at Iomega. "This rebate program takes
the value of Zip products to a completely new level, making them even more
affordable for today's storage hungry
personal computer consumers." New Accessories

Iomega also recently announced two new mobile accessories for the external
Zip drives. The Zip-Unleashed rechargeable
battery pack will power the Zip drive for up to three hours. It can also be
plugged directly into a wall outlet for convenient,
built-in charging. Zip-Unleashed is about the size of a deck of cards and
attaches directly to the Zip drive. It is expected to
be available in July at an estimated street price of $49.95 (U.S.).

Iomega's new Zip card is a type II PCMCIA-to-SCSI adapter the size of a
credit card that connects to Intel-based
notebook computers. With the Zip card, users can take advantage of the
increased speeds of SCSI Zip drives. It is
available now at an estimated street price of $99.95.

Iomega has shipped over two million Zip drives since its introduction last
year, making it one of the industry's
fastest-selling personal storage products. The Zip drive is available for
an estimated street price of $199.95, with
100-megabyte Zip disks available for an estimated street price as low as
$14.95 each.

Iomega Corporation provides personal computer storage solutions that help
people manage their computer stuff --
anywhere. These solutions include: Zip drives and disks; Jaz one-gigabyte
drives and disks; Ditto tape backup drives and
tape cartridges; and the Bernoulli line of removable drives and disks. Used
in homes, business, government and
education, and by creative professionals, Iomega storage solutions are
available through computer retail stores, resellers
and major distributors. The Company can be reached at 800-MY-STUFF
(800/697-8833) or on the World Wide Web
located at


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