Working for the enemy, and he ain;t us.

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Tue, 2 Jul 96 20:58:20 PDT

Gordon Bell, one of the primary developers of the minicomputer industry
during his 23 years at Digital Equipment, is now at Microsoft working on his
idea for "scalable network and platform computing" which he predicts "will
totally change the industry by the year 2002" by giving a single desktop
computer the power of a mainframe. Discarding the notion that computing is
a game reserved for the young, Nathan Myhrvold, who recruited the 62-year
Bell to Microsoft, says: "One thing that is very valuable in computing but
very rare is having a sense of the past. Technology moves so rapidly and
most of the people are very young. There are a tremendous number of lessons
from the past that are lost on people because they don't have the depth of
experience." (New York Times 1 Jul 96 C5)