Anna "Forager Of New Bits" Graham disgorges ...

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 14:39:38 -0500 (CDT)

... a few permutations for your amusement --

a griffon bestower
A&W befogs frontier
abort sewing offer
affronter owes big
affronters w/ bogie
affronts beige row
afro benefits grow
after gobs of Erwin
Agnew forbore fist
Agnew forfeits orb
Agnew, soffit borer
Agnew sort of brief
angriest bow offer
B.S. footwear fringe
banger, oft w/o fries
bare wife's not frog
barefoot w/ fringes
barefooting w/ serf
barge w/ ton of fries
baritones grew off
Barnes forgot wife
baronet offers wig
baronet's frog wife
Bart owes offering
be finer fog w/o rats
be oft forswearing
be sgraffito owner
bear foot grew fins
beast groin w/ offer
beating off rowers
before Ringo wafts
before sowing fart
beget narrow FIFOs
begin offer w/o rats
begin worst of fare
berating w/o offers
bereft of groin saw
best of a wrong fire
best of foreign war
best of groin wafer
best of growin' fear
best of roaring few
best of wafer o-ring
best of warring foe
bestowing of arfer
bet groin wears off
beware if frog snot
Biff wore snot rage
big affronter woes
big owners tear off
big snot farrow fee
bingo offer waster
boaster w/ offering
boat forgeries -- NFW
Boffo grew nastier
boffo sewer rating
boffo Wagner rites
Boffo, water singer
boffo wet earrings
Boffo wrings eater
bog of wet refrains
boingers' A&W effort
bongo wafer sifter
bongoer w/ fat fries
bongoer's wife fart
bongs of firewater
boo winterer's gaff
booger w/in staffer
boogerin' w/ staffer
boor stiffer Agnew
boost fawner grief
bore new sgraffito
boring sweater -- off
born Goff, as it were
borrow genie staff
Boston wafer grief
bowstring fare foe
brainer's weft goof
brats owe offering
brawniest frog foe
brawniest ogre off
breast offering -- Ow!
Breton w/o giraffes
brew fan goes for it
brews go tearin' off
brief foot gnawers
brief set for wagon
brief snow fort age
brief to-'n-fro wages
brief wager of snot
briefer fatso gown
briefers want goof
bring software foe
Britons offer wage
Brogan's fife tower
brown rats go, Effie
browner fiesta fog
brownies forge fat
Brownies' graft foe
Brownies' offer tag
browse at offering
browse foreign fat
browse if frontage
browse not, giraffe
browse, eat griffon
eager brown soffit
earwig snob effort
engrafter woos FBI
fab songwriter foe
Fafnir w/ booger set
Fafnir wets goober
fainters befog row
fainters forgo web
fairgoers went FOB
far beige snow fort
far fewer boosting
fare for bestowing
Fargo now briefest
farrowing SOB feet
farter befogs wino
fat borrowing fees
fat-free Ringo bows
fatso bonfire grew
fatso Browne grief
FBI forgot weaners
FBI neater w/o frogs
fearer of twin gobs
feat w/ Forbes' groin
ferret in gobs of A&W
ferret swing -- Faboo!
ferreting oafs bow
festering barf -- Woo!
few Barnes go for it
few Boingo R.R. feats
few boo rats' fringe
few Britons forage
few forebrain togs
few forgo banister
few forgoin' breast
few frog baritones
few frog obtainers
few gator bonfires
few goofs barterin'
fewer bans -- go for it
fewer Boingo farts
fewer for boasting
fewer forgot basin
fifer wasn't booger
fifers want goober
finger Barstow foe
finger bower fatso
finger brews a foot
finger WAF booster
finger worst of Abe
fingers web too far
fireboats frown, e.g.
fob for neater wigs
foe of rats brewing
fog after brownies
fog benefits arrow
for software-being
for we fart big ones
Forbes' earwig font
Forbes' own frigate
Forbes. Agnew. Frito.
forebears own gift
forebrain fog stew
forfeit SOB Wagner
forfeit wrong base
forfeiter owns bag
forfeiters w/o bang
forfeits bongware
forge ban w/ Frostie
forge fair web snot
forge of brawniest
forge software bin
forget A&W bonfires
forget baron's wife
forget bison wafer
forget brewin' oafs
forget Rowena's fib
forgo swifter bean
forgo war benefits
forgot brew in safe
forgot briefs anew
forgot fab wieners
forgot Faber's wine
forgot far newbies
forgot swine Faber
forswear bone gift
FORTRAN befogs Wei
forwent fab orgies
fostering braw foe
fostering oaf brew
Fr. footwear-beings
Fr. software -- big one
Fr. wife nosebag rot
free bowstring oaf
free to go, warns FBI
frog in a forest web
frontage w/o briefs
frown of beige rats
Gabor w/o stiffener
Gaff wins root beer
get rainbow offers
giant browse offer
giraffe snoot brew
giraffes boor Newt
gnaw SOB forfeiter
go farrow benefits
go for it, Weber fans
gob o' NSF firewater
gob of inert wafers
gobs of errant wife
gobs of finer water
gobs of winter fare
Goff rates brownie
gooberers fit fawn
goof befits Warner
goof wasn't briefer
goofiest wren barf
Graff w/o nose-biter
greater boffo wins
greater of bowfins
griffon beaters -- Ow!
griffon eaters bow
groin w/ toffee bars
grow fab, Firestone
grow fair beef snot
grow fat-free bison
grow fifteen boars
if not for gas Weber
if not for sewer bag
if not for web agers
if not for web gears
if not for web rages
if not for wee brags
if not for wee grabs
if we're not for bags ...
ignore off-web rats
in 'worst of Faberge'
infer gobs of water
infer software bog
infest Fargo bower
ingrate offers bow
ire Brown offstage
IRS got web foe -- Narf!
it goes for new barf
Neff's earwig robot
Nero bags write-off
Nero's web graffito
new booger tariffs
new frog fireboats
new giraffe robots
new goober tariffs
newbies forgo fart
Newt's refrig -- Faboo!
no barge write-offs
NSF A&W root beer fig.
O batwing offerers
O brownest giraffe
O fat-free browsing
O giraffe-snot brew
O grow stiffer bean
O web rat offerings
obese tariff wrong
obtain fewer frogs
obtainers grew off
off bigot answerer
off sobering water
offer Agnew bistro
offer bingo set war
offer rats w/ big one
offer Roe batwings
offer Row beatings
offer TRW begonias
offer w/o G.E. rat bins
offer wagon-biters
offer web organist
offer web roasting
offer Wier snotbag
offering SOB water
offering two bears
offering w/o baster
offers Agnew orbit
offertories w/ bang
offing beraters -- Ow!
offset rowing bear
oft forswear binge
or finger fatso web
orange St. FIFO brew
owe brat offerings
owe griffon breast
rats forge info web
Re: brewing of fatso
reforestin' WAF bog
renew gobs o' tariff
renew oboist Graff
rib-free fatso gown
Ringo tears off web
Robert's wino gaffe
robot gaffs wiener
sniff booger water
SOB effort wearing
SOB write-off anger
sober giraffe town
sober taw offering
sobering A&W effort
software for binge
sort of barfing ewe
sort of fearing web
sort of wafer binge
sort of wafer-being
sort of wife banger
sorta web offering
sorting of raw beef
stiff bongo wearer
stiff Oberon wager
stiffen raw booger
stiffer bongowear
strange biff wooer
straw roof beefing
string for a web foe
sweet Fairborn fog
swift roofer began
swore off berating
tear off w/ boingers
tear off web o-rings
tearin' off, SOB grew
tears off web groin
terrain of few gobs
ton of brief wagers
tons o' giraffe brew
tore off Agnew's rib
town bore giraffes
two bare offerings
two bear offerings
two giraffe boners
w/ barefoot fingers
w/ best of groin fear
w/ offbeat ignorers
w/ tearing off robes
w/o biff generators
w/o sorbent giraffe
wafer binge, sort of
waft before groins
wagerin' SOB effort
Wagoneer rots Biff
wait off Rosenberg
waiter offers bong
Wang forfeiter, SOB
Wang forfeits robe
want briefer goofs
Waring Bros. toffee
WB fingerers a foot
we abort offerings
we offing aborters
we tariff bongoers
we, if not for barges
wearin' best of frog
web foe rigs a front
web foe trains frog
WEB goes for it -- Narf!
web groin stare-off
web of foreign rats
web orgies affront
web's a to-'n-fro grief
web's too-far fringe
Werner's gift -- Faboo!
wet boar offerings
wet Fargo bonfires
win a gob of ferrets
wing fab rooftrees
wire strange Boffo
woo barfing Fester
wooing, Faber frets
wore bat offerings
worn off beige rats
worse bat offering
worse frontage fib
worst O'Brien gaffe
worst of barge fine
worst of bean grief
worst of EE barfing
worst of fire began
worst of genie barf
worst of grain beef
worst of ragin' beef
wrest faboo finger
wrings beef too far
write-off sober nag
write-offs: grab one

Wayne "Forager Of Raw Bits"