CyberGuest & CyberForum

CobraBoy (
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 20:19:13 -0700

Dear Web Master,

Tired of those static, boring, web pages? The programming wizards at have come up with the answer to keep people coming
back to your site.

CyberGuest & CyberForum (

Two unique products that you can instantly add to your web site to
give your users a reason to come back.

CyberGuest is a CGI program that runs on servers
that allows you to have a guest book on your page that your users can
sign in. You have 6 optional user definable fields that you may use
to customize your guest book. Also you have complete control of the
background, text color, guest book headings, and return links.

All you need to do is add one line to your existing web page and you
instantly have a custom guest book on line! No complicated CGI
programming on your part.

CyberForum is a great application that allows you to have an on-line
question & answer or support forum. Users can post questions and read
responses from other users. This application has many uses, for
example if you sell a product, you can now provide technical support
for it via your web site. Or you can have a real time on-line chat

Both products have a free, no-obligation 14 day free trial. All you
need to do is fill out the on-line registration form and add the link
to your web page.

The cost is only $10 US per month for each product or $15 US per month
for both. Additionally, if your pre-pay for a year the cost is only
$6.25 US per month for each or $8.25 US per month for both.

You can't go wrong with our free trial and it's easy to use. If you
decide you don't want our products after your free trial simply remove
the link from your web page. That's it!, no need to send us a
cancellation notice.

Bring your customers back to your web site by providing them with an
interactive CyberGuest guest book or CyberForum on-line forum today.

For more information see our web page at and
sign up for your free trial today.


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