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Below is the abstract of a newly available SRC Research Report.
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"Collaborative Active Textbooks: A Web-Based Algorithm Animation
System for an Electronic Classroom"
Marc H. Brown and Marc A. Najork
Report #142, May 31, 1996. 26 pages.

This report describes CAT, a Web-based algorithm animation system.
CAT augments the expressive power of Web pages for publishing
passive multimedia information with a full-fledged interactive
algorithm animation system. It improves on previous Web-based
algorithm animations by providing a framework that makes it easy to
construct new animations, including those that involve multiple views.
Because views of the same running algorithm may reside on different
machines, CAT is particularly well-suited for electronic
classrooms. This strategy is an improvement over the electronic classroom
systems we are aware of, which simply display the same X window on
multiple machines. We believe our framework generalizes to electronic
textbooks in arbitrary domains.

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