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Tue, 9 Jul 96 19:40:45 PDT

---> What's with this "street price" line? I mean, I know
notebook computers are the opiate of the masses, but this
is ridiculous. Scooby snack, anyone? -- Adam <-----------

HP annnounced a drop in list prices of up
to 17 percent on the Pentium-based HP OmniBook 5500 notebook PC
series, effective July 9.

Price reductions range from 7 percent to 17 percent, depending on
the configuration. The series offers Pentium/PCI architecture
with processors up to 133MHz, active-matrix screens up to
12.l-inch viewable image and hard-disk drives up to 2GB. For
example, street prices now are expected to start at $3,435 (U.S.)
for the HP OmniBook 5500 CS 5/100 notebook PC model 810 -- a
100MHz Pentium-based system with an 810MB hard drive and an
11.3-inch viewable image passive-matrix display. This is a 17
percent drop from the old estimated street price of $4,140.