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I'm just curious if any of you got this "press release" --
just so I know how "exclusive" their mailing list is...

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Subject: Internet Phone, an IPO and Major Awards keep this Ostrich site on it's toes


Steve Warrington
Phone: +1 (708) 452-7596
Fax: +1 (708) 452-7510
Email: ostrich@achiever.com

Ostriches On Line: This Website is Not Hiding It's Head in the Sand

Chicago IL 6 July 1996 - Internet Phone, 10 Premier Internet Awards and
an Initial Public Offering make this a unique, dynamic and very
innovative company who are using the web to it's fullest potential.

In fact if you thought Ostriches were supposed to just bury their heads
in the sand while all around them was a hive of activity then this
superb site will make you change your mind.

Having achieved a Magellan Award, a USA Today "Hot Site" of the Day
Award along with a host of other premier accolades, you may be excused
for thinking that this site would be sitting back and taking it easy for
a breather - well Ostriches On Line are just not your ordinary run of
the mill company.

With an ultimate goal of providing "Anything and Everything Ostrich" for
their clients and with 100 meg of disk space allocated to achieve this,
the latest move to communicate with their clientele around the world is
to provide an Internet phone chat group.

"With almost 4,000 subscribers in over 60 countries around the world,
our Ostrich Newsletter provides valuable weekly information to many
farmers and breeders" said company owner Steve Warrington, "but we
also know from the hundreds of email's we receive every week that many
of our clients sometimes need quick or detailed answers which sometimes
are just not possible with email. To make sure that we continue to
provide the ultimate in service, after sales support and of course
answers to the many enquiries we receive, this latest innovative move
will make contacting us that much easier" continued Mr. Warrington.

And just in case the introduction of Internet phone is not enough for
one week, Ostriches On Line are also making available an Initial
Public Offering of One Million One Dollar Shares for one of their
"Selective Breeder" farms. "In fact the initial response to this
offering - which is available by prospectus only - has been overwhelming"
said Mr. Warrington. "We announced it in our late June newsletter and
received over 250 requests in the first 24 hours. Ultimately we
anticipate over-subscription, so anyone who is looking for an
investment into this very fast growing and expanding agribusiness
should apply as soon as possible".

"Our continued expansion, innovation and commitment to providing as much
information as possible on the web is the reason why our company is
quite simply the biggest and the best on the Internet" continued Mr.
Warrington, "and if you want to stay in first place and set the pace
then it is crucial to provide value added to all our clients. We have
many new projects in the pipeline and a number of great opportunities
will be made available in the next few weeks which will appeal to
entrepreneurs and businesses in the food, leather and gift
industries - all of which will promote our great industry" said Mr.

As well as importing and exporting Ostrich products and livestock to
over 70 countries around the world, Ostriches On Line can assist anyone
in any country start an Ostrich farm. By offering comprehensive farming
seminars, import and export programs, training programs and all aspects
of animal husbandry care, the initial, very difficult start up phase is
now much easier to handle for new breeders.

For those people who prefer not to be directly involved in Ostrich
farming, Ostriches On Line also offer fully managed programs which include
a guaranteed buy back of the offspring. The fully managed programs are a
truly international opportunity - anyone from any country can participate
and therefore reap the rewards of one of the fastest growing industries
in the world today.

Ostriches On Line is based near Chicago, IL USA, and has a UK office and
farm near Manchester. They can be contacted via telephone at
+1 (708) 452-7596, via fax at +1 (708) 452-7510 and via email at
ostrich@achiever.com The award winning website is located at

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