Arrogant East Coast Trailing Edge Media Whiners!

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 10 Jul 1996 11:05:56 -0400 (EDT)

... may they all starve and die penniless in front of the Four Seasons begging
for a $28 bunless hamburger... morons!


Most Californians aren't as hip or edgy. Overweight and ugly people
can advance in the computer world, but are drowned in infancy in New
York media circles. Say what you want about the Westerners, but they
just aren't the Four Seasons, East Hamptons sort of crowd.

The digital culture is profoundly participatory. It celebrates
individual contributions, and depends on the patronage of many for its
livelihood. It believes information should be free. The Eastern media
believe information ought to be distributed by them, and, for the most
part, consumed by everybody else. It celebrates the smartass, the
insider, and the pundit.

The California culture is diverse and engineer-driven. It is obsessed
with the Next Step, the New Thing. Everybody is always breaking off,
quitting, being snatched away to make something better, hotter, the
next Killer App. For better or worse, it's obsessed with creation and