Re: Article on HTML standards highlights 3.2

CobraBoy (
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 08:26:47 -0700

At 11:15 AM -0400 7/10/96, Rohit Khare wrote:
>What our press relations could achieve through contructive engagement...
>Goal #1: prevent fear, uncertainty, and doubt:
>> most vendors hewed closely to early versions such as HTML
>> 2.0, lately Microsoft and Netscape have virtually ignored
>> the follow-on 3.0 draft under development by the Internet
>> Engineering Task Force.
>> "For the moment, like it or not, I feel like I have to
>> choose the lowest common denominator of HTML in most
>> cases," says Monson.

I pointed this out months ago. Do you (as of now) author for compatability
with NS 2.01, IE 2.0, NS 3.0 beta, IE 3.0 beta.

Also since most IE users set their prefs to "spoof" NS how many are
actually using IE? Is is even worth it to consider?



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