Netscape Beta Update

CobraBoy (
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 09:32:49 -0700

Using Netscape 3.0b5a on a Mac (68K) MacTCP 2.06 (IE: no open transport
memory grabs)

So I go to a web site. It uses a Shockwave animation for a separator bar.
After clicking through about 10 pages I get a "Cannot load Shockwave
animation out of memory" Then I get a BigAss Mac Crash (TM)

Netscape on my Mac has a 15 meg memory setting, 30 megs cache setting.

So I predict that all the DTP and 3D Mac's with 128 megs of RAM will find
homes as Netscape 4.0 web surfing machines.

This is getting really sad..



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