Re: Article on HTML standards highlights 3.2

CobraBoy (
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 09:43:49 -0700

At 6:29 PM +0200 7/10/96, Robert Harley wrote:
>>I pointed this out months ago. Do you (as of now) author for compatability
>>with [...]
>I know that if you're pretentious enough you can verb any noun, but
>since when is "author" a verb???

Huh? Did something in that sentence lose it's meaning to you fuckhead? Who
the fuck are you? When were you appointed English teacher? Perhaps you
would like to take on the role as pompous asshole of FoRK. I didn't think
that there was a opening for that role, but you seem to fit all the
requirements nicely.

Now review this:

-> Fuck off, eat shit, and die. <-




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