Re: Slices of Apple May Be Up for Sale

CobraBoy (
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 11:00:51 -0700

>> But Jobs apparently no longer sees much value in the
>> company he founded. He said that when he recently took
>> his college-bound daughter computer shopping, he came
>> away disappointed with the available Macintosh Powerbook
>> offerings. So what did Jobs purchase? An IBM Thinkpad.
>Personally, I'd like to think this is a Platinum card purchase, but just
>think of the billions of FFmiles... :-)

Apple PowerBook sales are off 53% from one year ago. Apple's problems are
that they have priced their products (again) to high. The PM 7600 is a
great computer @ $1995.00. It is selling for $2995.00 and isn't worth it. A
PM 8500 is at best a $2500.00 computer and a 9500 is $2995.00.

As a continuing example of Apple's stupidity, they RAISED the price of the
9500 $1500.00 when they clocked them up from 133 to 150 mhz.



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