Re: Slices of Apple May Be Up for Sale

Joe Kiniry (
Wed, 10 Jul 96 11:18:23 PDT

Rohit Khare writes:

> Unfreakinbelievable. They are just askin' for it, eh? And they could
> have really wiped the floor on the Internet market, too, if they had
> realized the synergy of ease, decent OS engineering, applets, OpenDog
> and user frenzy.
> Moronic management is sooo expensive...RK

Yes, look what happened to other companies with good products but,
through mis-management and pricing problems, among other things, went
under (sometimes for good, other times it was just a "setback"). I
can think of three off the top of my head: NeXT, Commodore, and Atari.

> >From Wed Jul 10 14:02:58 1996
> Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 11:00:51 -0700
> Subject: Re: Slices of Apple May Be Up for Sale
> Apple PowerBook sales are off 53% from one year ago. Apple's problems are
> that they have priced their products (again) to high. The PM 7600 is a
> great computer @ $1995.00. It is selling for $2995.00 and isn't worth it. A
> PM 8500 is at best a $2500.00 computer and a 9500 is $2995.00.
> As a continuing example of Apple's stupidity, they RAISED the price of the
> 9500 $1500.00 when they clocked them up from 133 to 150 mhz.
> Tim

I'd say they all need at least one economist who understands our
market on their staff.