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SECURE TRANSACTIONS offers people who buy and sell over the Internet
revolutionary new safeguards against being ripped off. We offer the
following advantages over traditional COD and pre-payment:

For Buyers

You do not need to prepay the seller.

You do not need to pay COD charges.

Your money will not be given to the seller until you
get what you paid for.

You get to inspect merchandise before final payment is
made to the seller.

For Sellers

You will have the knowledge that your products have been
paid for - BEFORE you ship.

You never have to ship anything COD again, no more COD fees
and uncertain checks and money orders.

You never have to worry about bounced or stopped checks, or
fake money orders.

You can sell more things over the Internet with more

Here's how it works. First, you find something that you want to buy
over the Internet. Then, you finalize all the pricing agreements with
the seller. This is where SECURE TRANSACTIONS comes in. Instead of
paying for something COD, and not being given the chance to open the
package before you pay, or pre-paying, and always worrying about being
ripped off, you mail your payment to SECURE TRANSACTIONS instead. We
will deposit the check and verify that sufficient funds are present,
and then we will hold the funds until you receive what you paid for.
We will contact the seller and confirm that you have indeed paid, so
that he/she may ship what you bought without worrying about the
growing risk of bounced checks and fake money orders. After you
receive your merchandise, we will pay the seller the agreed upon sum.
In this way, the buyer gets to check out the merchandise first for any
anomalies, the seller gets the peace of mind that a neutral company
has his payment safely in its possession, and both parties' risks are
greatly reduced. It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Please visit our web page for more information regarding this
revolutionary new way of doing business over the Internet.

Our Web page:

Attached is a transaction form that may be used to initiate a new
transaction through SECURE TRANSACTIONS. Please read it carefully,
fill out the information requested, and e-mail it to:

where it will be processed and replied to as soon as possible. Please
note that due to the traffic we receive a response may take a few


Please fill out the attached form and email it to:

Your order will be processed as soon as possible.


Once you send us the form, we will process it and e-mail you a
reference number and a total transaction cost. The total transaction
cost will include the price agreed to by you and the seller (which
includes any and all shipping charges), and our service charge. After
we receive your payment, we will deposit and hold it until you receive
your products. Please be sure to write your reference number on your



Your e-mail address:
Full Legal Name:

Full Mailing Address:
Daytime telephone number:
Evening telephone number:


e-mail address:

***Description of Items For Purchase***

Description Quantity Price

1. $
2. $
3. $
4. $
5. $

(please add more if needed)

Sub Total:


Secure Transactions service charge:
($5 for transactions up to $500.
Over $500, $5 plus 3% of the
amount OVER $500.)


We will e-mail you confirmation along with your reference number as
soon as possible. None of your personal information will be revealed
except your e-mail address. Thank you for using our service.

Please note that no shipping charges are included in the Secure
Transactions (TM) service charge.

Please note that after ten (10) business days, if we have not yet
received notification of delivery or notification of failure to
deliver, the transaction will be considered complete and the
merchandise received in good order.

If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail The Melting Pot


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