Cool thread: casting 'Dilbert: the Movie'

Rohit Khare (
Mon, 15 Jul 96 22:31:16 -0400

ComputerWorld has a discussion forum on this burning topic. My votes are
after theirs:

)Rick Saia
Saia is associate editor for Computerworld's Managing section. "Dilbert" is
part of his daily breakfast routine (along with coffee, cereal, juice, the
morning sports and stock quotes). He has also seen his share of TV shows and

You loved the strip, you bought the book. Are you ready for Dilbert, the
Movie? We are. And although we don't know whether or not Scott Adams is bound
for Tinseltown (Computerworld does not have a Hollywood bureau), we aren't
afraid to suggest a few actors who'd be perfect. Here are our picks; what are

Dilbert -- Anthony Edwards (star of "ER" and "Revenge of the Nerds")
Dogbert -- Danny DeVito
Ratbert -- Tom Hanks
Catbert -- Joe Pesci
The Boss -- Ned Beatty
Alice (engineer with triangular hair) -- Bette Midler
Wally (short, bald engineer) -- Jason Alexander
Asok (young, naive intern) -- Matt LeBlanc ("Friends")
Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light -- Jerry Seinfeld

[munged partially from other respondents]

Dilbert: this is easy -- Drew Carey
Dogbert: this is a tough one -- someone like Garfield's voice. Phil Hartman
would be inspired... Or Phil as 'MBA with good hair'
The Boss: DeVito fits much better here
Wally: right on, JA

I like one guy's suggestion that Asok be cast as a genuine newbie engineer.

More seriously, Microserfs might actually play well as a movie drama. Well,
maybe not -- it's still a geek flick, and 40million people don't go for geek
flicks... sigh...

Adaaam? what say ye?


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