Re: Apple intros meta content format (MCF) and cgi file service

CobraBoy (
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 11:28:06 -0700

At 8:31 PM -0700 7/17/96, Rohit Khare wrote:

>Apple also announced that Cyberdog 1.1, Apple's OpenDoc-based frame for
>Internet applications, goes into beta this week and will ship in August. The
>latest beta has a revamped interface, support for Netscape plug-ins, and
>import Netscape bookmarks.

This is again how screwed up Apple is. See in 7.5.3 Apple programmers who
work mostly on 800's and 840 AV's re-wrote the caching for the 030/040
machines. So my little 950 (ok it's clocked to 50 mhz with a 128k cache) is
as fast on everything but rendering as a 8100/80 due to the amount of 68K
code in the OS.

So anyone with a 68K machine suddenly got a new lease on life. CyberDog is
NOT phat. There is no 68K version. So Apple is again shooting themselves in
the foot by keeping their wonderful warez out of 80% of the Mac users hands.




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