It's The Money, Stupid

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It's The Money, Stupid
California Alumni Association, Cal Alumni Day,
March 6, 1993:

"More money in fact in this case in counter-productive.
See, money is good if you know where the moon is, you can
send a man there with a lot of money. But if you don't
know where the moon is it can be
counter-productive. You create an orthodoxy. Now we
have 100,000 scientists studying HIV. They are not going
to give up the money, the reputation, the meetings they get
to, the funds they get, readily for something else. Because
that's all they know.
All my buddies in the AIDS field are millionaires.
I'm the last one to live on a UC salary. It's true. They
are all millionaires. They all have companies, mistresses,
Porsches, Mercedes, frequent flyers, everything. I'm still
messing around in the old style in Berkeley. It's very
true. And they're not likely to give that up readily. So
if you put in more money, you create an even bigger
orthodoxy and everybody who questions this then is even a
smaller minority. That's the problem, it's the money."


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