Win95 crash

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Thu, 18 Jul 1996 20:17:52 -0700

Subject: Re: bill gates (the antichrist)
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> wrote:
>:When WIN 95 came out, I hurried to buy an upgrade. It installed with
>:out any problems and I have NEVER had a crash (no matter what MS
>:product I've used).

>See below. My .signature contains a simple command-line program
>using _nothing_ but official MS utilities. Yet every time you run
>it (in a DOS box made available by MS), Windows 95 crashes. Every
>single time.
>Try this in a "DOS Box" for fun and profit!!!
>echo f 0:0 ffff 0 | debug

I forgot. Operating systems for personal computers are supposed to
protect you from yourself. It should know better than to let you make
changes like that. Dumb OS.

Here's another one that causes problems, why didn't MS catch this one?


Geez. That one just really crashes it. You can't even reboot to reset



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