Aliens die from Macintosh System

CobraBoy (
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 20:38:13 -0700

Did you know that in the movie Independence Day they uploaded Apple System Rev C to the alien space craft and caused a
system error type 7?
We are know that System 7.X.X.X.X.X.X=85 Rev X.X Point X is like a virus. H=
it=92s too bad that they we=92re not running Copeland because they never wou=

It was really suspenseful when they took that powerbook into orbit. At
first I
thought that it was the nuke since they do tend to catch on fire and explode=
I am sure glad that our defense department switched to PC=92s or we would ha=
lost on July 2.

Let=92s see, Alien=92s 0, Humans 1, and Apple around $19.00 per share and
falling. Microsoft $130.00. Hmm, you do the math
We=92ll know that Apple will sue the aliens since they ripped it off first f=
Xerox. Those damn aliens. Wait for the sequel, this time we=92re in trou=
since they have Windows 1.0.

Game over man, game over! (Brian Gillis)


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