Signs that Armageddon is coming.

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Fri, 26 Jul 96 17:15:46 PDT

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FRIDAY, JULY 26, 1996

* IBM stock jumped 12 1/4 to 103 5/8 yesterday on news that 2nd
quarter earnings fell less than expected.
- net income fell but sales grew 4%.

-----> Wait, HP earns less than it expected and drops 10 points,
IBM loses less than it expected and gains 12? Makes sense...

* US Labor Department says 1st-time jobless benefits claims fell
45,000 last week to 322,000.

-----> Rohit's right, these sound bites often leave out the WHY.

* Microsoft Excel found to have a virus at 2 unidentified companies
in Alaska and Africa, according to software maker McAfee
- discovered infecting Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.
- believed to be 1st virus found to infect Excel.

-----> Silly me, I thought Excel WAS a virus.

* US Department of Energy to announce today a $93 million deal
with IBM to build the world's fastest supercomputer.
- to handle 3 trillion operations per second and have 2.5
trillion bytes of memory.

-----> Child's play.

* Starbucks reports a 38% increase in 3rd quarter profits.
- plans to add nearly 400 coffee bars to current 899.

-----> And this is WITHOUT Rob in the country...

* Steven Jobs' Pixar Animation Studios stock rose 2 1/8 to $16 1/2
after it posted better-than-expected earnings.
- Pixar is the studio behind Walt Disney's movie Toy Story.

-----> Wasn't it in the 30s a few months ago?

* Joe Klein, the formerly anonymous author of "Primary Colors,"
has been censured by both CBS News and Newsweek as a result of
the announcement that he wrote the book.
- Newsweek has temporarily suspended Klein's column, and Klein
has offered his resignation to angry CBS News executives.

------> Still not sure what the big deal about this is.

* Cable channel USA Network has scheduled a movie about the
Unabomber case to air in September.

------> Starring Tim Byars...

* Actor Don Johnson gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame today.
- Johnson is best known for his role in TV's "Miami Vice."

------> Um, why????