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CobraBoy (
Mon, 29 Jul 1996 08:19:22 -0700

The best way to learn about NetObjects Fusion for Windows is to give it a try!

NetObjects is offering a preview of the 0.9 pre-release version of
NetObjects before the final 1.0 version becomes available in September. This
version expires 30 days after installation or on September 30,
whichever comes first.

For best performance, the 0.9 pre-release version requires a Pentium 90
or higher with at least 16 MB of RAM. Fusion takes advantage of
faster CPUs, additional RAM and high resolution graphics subsystems.

Download either the full or minimum configuration of the Fusion 0.9
pre-release version. The full configuration includes the Fusion
application and a set of additional files. The minimum configuration
includes the Fusion application and one SiteStyle.

If your connection is modem-based or unreliable, you might consider the
minimum configuration. The additional files in the full configuration
are available as smaller parcels from the NetObjects Warehouse at

Full Configuration

NetObjects Fusion 0.9 pre-release version
Several SiteStyles, AutoSites, Page Templates and other design
Shockwave animations, Java applets, animated GIFs and more.
Requires at least 60MB of available space on your hard drive.
Size: 13,754,996 bytes.
File name: nf09000xl.exe


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