The Informant

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Mon, 29 Jul 96 12:23:36 PDT

Some of my students and I have developed a Web application called
"The Informant". Its URL is
This application saves key words that you provide and runs
periodic web searches (using Lycos now and other search engines
in the near future as well) on your behalf. When new web sites
are found that match your key words with a high score, you are sent
email notifying you that new material has been found. You then
reconnect to and get a customized
page showing the new links. The service is free.

For example, suppose you are interested in sparse eigenvalue problems.
You might enter "sparse eigenvalues" as a search key word. Then
when new material relevant to "sparse eigenvalues" is found on the web
(that you have not already seen), you will get notified via email.
It works like a web clipping service essentially.

There are over 5100 registered users already from around the world
and most feedback has been very positive. The application has
been featured on Netscape's "What's New" button as well as being
the Microsoft Network "Pick of the Day". We welcome new users and
feedback about the application, especially ways in which it can
be improved.

Happy Surfing
George Cybenko