Why the obsession with $500?

I Find Karma (adam@cs.caltech.edu)
Mon, 29 Jul 96 18:55:40 PDT

NetObjects has developed a powerful new software program called Fusion that
functions basically as a fill-in-the-blank Web site builder. Fusion
includes prefabricated Web page designs and features, and "puts Web
publishing in the hands of people who have access to information as opposed
to putting it in the hands of programmers," says an IBM marketing VP. IBM
plans on bundling Fusion with its DB2 database offerings, and Netscape has
agreed to promote Fusion on its Web site in much the same manner that it has
Sun Microsystems' JavaSoft unit. "The barrier today to building a cool Web
site is probably a $50,000 contract to get someone to do a lot of custom
work," says a partner in the venture capital firm that seeded Fusion's
development. "NetObjects allows you to quickly get up and running and
modify it on the fly for $500." (Wall Street Journal 26 Jul 96 B3)