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Mon, 29 Jul 96 20:26:46 PDT

> "Cockroach Slain, Husband Badly Hurt"
> Tel Aviv...
> An Israeli woman's fight with a stubborn cockroach put her husband
> in the hospital with burns, a broken pelvis and broken ribs, the
> Jerusalem Post newspaper reported yesterday.
> The woman, frightened by the insect when she found it in their
> living room, stepped on it, threw it in a toilet and sprayed a
> full can of insecticide on it when it still refused to die.
> Her husband came home from work, went to the toilet and lit a
> cigarette. When he threw the cigarette butt into the bowl, the
> insecticide fumes ignited, "seriously burning his sensitive
> parts," the Post wrote.
> When paramedics were called to the home in Tel Aviv, they laughed
> so hard when they learned what had happened that they dropped the
> stretcher down the stairs, breaking the unidentified man's pelvis
> and ribs.