"I Find Karma", far and wide

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (BAISLEY@fndcd.fnal.gov)
Mon, 5 Aug 1996 11:10:10 -0500 (CDT)

It's getting to be a small world. I was looking for a suitably humorous link
to add to my list of anagrams of "Royal Ulster Constabulary" --


I wanted some word play on William of Orange. I was thinking of Orange Squash,
the disgusting, flat English equivalent of Tang (no offense, Brits -- I'd drink
bitters or stout any time, but I've had several glasses of Squash, enough to
last many lifetimes), and set AltaVista to the task. I soon ran across D. J.
Barton's (jot brand) list of "Words that could be confusing and embarrassing in
the UK & US",


which I began scanning for new words to add to my anagrammer's dictionary,
naturally. What a surprise to run across a link to one of Adam's (Mafia drink)
pages, under the entry 'Grass', of all things. Unfortunately, the link is
broken (http://www.openix.com/~greenday/). So, Adam (makin' 'fraid), can you
get your Openix buddies to doctor things up?

And, D.J. (Bjorn tad), I have some additional information. "Jock" in the US
would also be short for "Jock Strap", a kind of sports underwear. Also called
an "Athletic Supporter", which could refer to a would-be "Jock" or sports fan
as well, but in a mildly derogatory way.