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CobraBoy (
Thu, 8 Aug 1996 05:50:41 -0700

At 4:14 AM -0700 8/8/96, Robert Harley wrote:
>Bah. That NASA press conference was such a fuck-up. And what the heck
>does "we talked to the world space leadership" mean?

!!!!! ???? !!!! ????

I'm telling you this is the start of the "New World Order."

Just think about this. Let's say our Goverment is tired of the UFO coverup.
They see with ID4 that Americans are willing to go out and kick some alien
butt. So how do they break the idea of aliens? What could be more benign
then a dumb old metorite. A simple piece of rock. Nothing threatening
there. But it gets the message across. Or starts to.

Then in a year or two it's "hey guess what, shit howdy looks like their are
other beings in the solar system."

I'm telling you it's the beginning of the end...



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