RE: the apocalypse is upon us

CobraBoy (
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This is an important lesson grasshopper, on why it is wasted energy to hate.


P.S. On the update dept. for those of you wondering. After you blow your
rear anti-sway bar off your Cobra, you will find when traveling down Sunset
between Hollywood and the Fry. that the rear end gets a little "twitchy"
over 90 going through the corners. But I digress...


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> and I need to change my fucking login name.
>Today I bought a cd that included, amoung other things, a Bhangra remix
>version of "Macarena." Bhangra = traditional Indian melodies mixed with
>Western Disco. Other samples on this cd inclue C & C Music Factory,
>Spandau Ballet, La Bouche, and Brandy. All Bhangra remixes, all the time.
>It is truly scary, in a fascinating kinda way.
>To make your own scary monster, place donkey's
>head on girl's body to make Donkey-Girl!


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