Who's doing what on Labor Day on the West Coast?

Rohit Khare (khare@w3.org)
Tue, 13 Aug 1996 14:59:09 -0400 (EDT)

So, gang, sorry for the recent barrage of air-related mail, but here's
the scoop: The Labor Day sale has been on for two days now -- EVERY
return seat from LA on sunday has been sold out back to 7:45 AM. I'm
willing to either:

1) Come to LA for 21 hours (Louise? Coming?)

LAX / $159 / United #6DC8BY
#897 7:35 AM 10:40 AM
#162 7:45 AM 4:05 PM

2) Come to SFO for 30 hours

SFO / $159 / United #6DM7P3
#31 7:00 AM 10:18 AM
#24 4:15 PM 12:45 AM+1

So, who's got the better party?!? Any good Labor Day concerts in
SF, Adam? Anything happening at the End Of The World, Tim?

To be sure, Seattle is possible, too, but may suffer from a reverse problem:
all the flights in are booked until Saturday afternoon (overload at Denver,

Bottom line: yes, I'm a crazed nut. I'm going to pick one of these trips
for the mileage alone :) For the record, SFO is the cheapest at -$165.48

Rohit Khare