CobraBoy reviews IE 3.0

CobraBoy (
Wed, 14 Aug 1996 21:35:07 -0700

Ok, so last night in a fit of boredom I D/L IE 3.0

First I try Ms site, sorry all servers are full
Then the Wash DC mirror, again all servers are full
Then the one in NoCal, it blazes down at .7k a sec.

Then I fire up CuteFTP (yes people that use Win'95 use a FTP program called
I search around Microsofts site and find IE 3.0. All 8 meg worth. Ok lets
get it, it screams down at 2.2 K a sec.

I take a shower.
I fix a snack.
I watch some TV.
I fix another snack.

It arrives. I install it.

Ok, first off. It has a REAL SLICK interface. Lets say it again, REAL
SLICK. If you haven't seen it I can't really describe it other than to say
it looks like something that a highly paid Portagese designer would do.

So I look around. Hmm.. it brought my Netscape bookmarks into it. It called
them bookmark$. Childish
Lets see what it does, bookmark$/computer/, hmm.... not
their, even though I put a leading space in front of it to force it to the
top of the list in Netscape. Ok, More Bookmarks.

Now I get a open folder at the "Finder" level of Win'95 filled with
shortcuts (aliases) there it is, I double click on it...

Guess what?

It launches Netscape!!!!!!!! ROFL, LOL, SMNILSO (slapping my knee I'm
laughing so hard)


At this point the test was over. On Monday I'll install Netscape 3.0 with
NeXTscape mail and deleate IE 3.0.



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