Re: Interpersonal Computing @ PARC

I Find Karma (
Wed, 14 Aug 96 23:22:10 PDT

> Someone please get me the drugs that this guy takes. PLEASE!!!! If I ever
> have to boot a computer to turn on a light, I'm moving to Montana and
> living by candlelight. (hmmm... wasn't that a Zappa song? Adam??)

Something like that. May his ashes rest in peace.

> The W.W.WebStore

I wonder if you can get cookies in there...

> God knows what you would actually buy in their, since we all know no one
> buys anything that is associated with the word Web. Maybe there are just
> going to let about 5K people a day roam through and take what they want...
> :-!

Very nice.

On an unrelated note, hey Rob: the Eva who owned Eva's --- was her last
name by any chance Fabian? Just wondering...

Adam in Palo Alto. I think.