Microsoft says Internet browser has bug

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Fri, 16 Aug 1996 20:56:49 -0700

It's amazing everytime I post on the Usenet from my Micron the amount of
people that take offense to the quote from Steve J. about Ms making
_third_rate_products_. I guess they either don't know, don't get it, or are
just fuckin' stupid.


August 16, 1996
Web posted at: 4:10 p.m. EDT

SEATTLE (Reuter) -- Microsoft Corp.'s latest
software for searching the Internet, launched with
much fanfare this week, has a flaw affecting its
performance on some sites on the World Wide Web, a
company executive said Friday.

Internet Explorer version 3.0, the new Internet
"browser" software that Microsoft
launched to compete with Netscape
Communications Corp.'s Navigator, already has
been downloaded by more than 100,000 people,
said Bill Koszewski, a Microsoft
product manager.

But a flaw in the free product will slow users
trying to gain access to certain Web
sites that require readers to register their
name and a password, he said.

"That is in fact a known issue, and we are
working on a fix for it right now,"
Koszewski said.

( one might ask if it is a known issue why the
fuck did you release it, but I digress)

While Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft has
not yet figured out how to fix the
problem, Koszewski said the flaw was merely "an
inconvenience issue" and does
not affect the security of Web sites or data on
a user's personal computer.

(umm.. it is a known issue, now in the next
paragraph it is an inconvenience issue,
maybe it's just a quality issue)

Some Web sites require users to register their
name and password to gain access to
that part of the Internet. But Internet
Explorer 3.0 forces users to register repeatedly
each time they move from page to page within
such a site.

Koszewski said the problem apparently "creeped
in" when Microsoft tightened
security features of the software between the
test version and the final release, which
was launched by Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates
at a ceremony in San Francisco.

Koszewski said the flaw affects only certain
password- protected sites.


The thing I want to know, is, Microsoft hires every quality programmer in
the known world. How does this happen? What is the mentality in Redmond
that lets this shit seep out? Don't they check their products? What
actually goes on? This is as hard to find as logging on to


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