Another Top 5 - Happy Birthday, Microsoft.

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The Top 15 Surprises at the Windows '95 Birthday Party

15> Those crazy Intel folks send a birthday card wishing Win95
a "Happy .9993827 Birthday."

14> Spirited game of Kick the Mac.

13> Announcement that cake and drinks can be purchased
separately as "add-ons."

12> Despite massive e-mail campaign, Claudia Schiffer and
Pamela Anderson Lee are both no-shows.

11> Unintentionally set world record for number of
multi-millionaires doing the macarena.

10> All gussied up in a pink evening gown, Bill Gates sings
a breathy "Happy Birthday, Mr. Windows 95."

9> Cake turns out to be merely an apple with frosting on it.

8> Bill Gates announces that he actually owns only 97% of the
world, not the erroneously-reported 99.97%.

7> Bill may be worth more than God, but he *still* won't
invest in a new pair of Dockers.

6> The tech support person is in attendance.

5> A drunken Lucifer crashes the party, waving a contract and
babbling about Bill Gates' soul.

4> That wacky Ted Danson shows up in blackface again.

3> After a little Star-Trek, a little D&D, and a few too many .GIF's
of Sandra Bullock, Microsoft programmers cut loose by takin' off
the ol' Birkenstocks and doing a little beard-trimmin'.

2> Not one pair of glasses held together by a band aid.

and the Number 1 Surprise at the Windows '95 Birthday Party...

1> That special moment when Bill Gates closes his eyes, makes a
wish and blows out AOL.

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