Re: Netscape Internet Foundation Classes ?

Joe Kiniry (
Thu, 22 Aug 96 09:30:44 -0800

You wrote:
> >the sun specs regardless of release timing issues. you see, the
> >java developer community seems to be very pro-sun and
> >anti-establishment (at least until the wintel hordes arrive).
> That's 'anti-establishment' as in 'anti-non-Sun'?

i would say that they are anti-microshit more than anything else.

> Not having a Sun
> box at (or in) my disposal, I was somewhat put off when traipsing
> through Sun's Java(tm) Developer's Corner
> (< and saw that my choices for
> JDK platforms are Solaris and Solaris (not counting the old
> establishment choices of Microsoft Windows 95 and NT, plus MacOS).

that's because sun doesn't have the size or engineering knowledge
to do the ports to other platforms. that has been outsorced early
in the game to either independent sites (like the osf-ri) or the
companies themselves. you want java for X? go get it from the
vendor. if it isn't available yet, that's because the lag time of
version update to port delivery. every major unix vendor i know has
internal versions of 1.0.1 (usually) running perfectly but now need
to port 1.0.2 to be "useful". now, some are holding their horses
because they figure that bright dorks with lots of free time will do
the port of 1.0.2 on their own and the company will provide the
real-deal when 1.1 is out. (sgi and hpux fit this model, for

> I suppose it's unreasonable to expect pages with ''
> addresses to be anything less than very pro-Sun (with appropriate
> bowings and scrapings toward Redmond). At least they have a page of
> pointers (< for those
> of us who aren't using the 'new establishment' platforms.


> P.S. Anagram for the day:
> Internet Foundation Classes <--> Lenin fans; do not resuscitate

love it.