Re: Brother Ernie comments on Brother Adam's comments on Brother Bill's comments

I Find Karma (
Mon, 26 Aug 96 00:44:24 PDT

Ernie wrote:
> Thanks for the straight lines,

Heh heh, that's what Bill Clinton said. Oh, Clinton also claims to have
lost 20 pounds since his last birthday. Can speed really help you lose
that much weight?

> Still, you did pretty good, considering. :-)

Thanks, Ernie. You're the man!

> > > Using the built-in 32-bit TCP/IP stack, support for Windows
> > > Sockets, and Remote Networking, users no longer have to "patch
> > > together" their Internet connections, as they did with Windows 3.1.
> > Translation: Now we control the horizontal AND the vertical.
> NICE technically and economically correct pop-culture allusion.

\me curtsies. I get a good one in there, what, Rohit, 3% of the time?

> > What does "most maintainable and easiest PC to manage" mean???
> Manage 'yet'. Not as bad as our earlier models, which were designed
> to NOT be easy to use (see above quote for proof ;-)

Sorry, I missed the qualifier "yet" during the first analysis.

> > Hey, maybe our group meetings qualify us to work for Microsoft...
> You mean the high buzzword to clue ratio?

:) I know nothing.

> > SIPC? USB? IEEE 1394!?!?! I'm surprised he hasn't said it's ISO 9000
> > compliant, too. (We bow to the FoRK patron deity-in-residence,
> > Dogbert.)
> Huh? I thought Rohit was the patron deity. He -is- the local
> creator, after all. Of course Dogbert is a superior order of being
> (being -entirely- fictional :). Is Rohit then just a demigod? Or is
> that demigogue...

Okay, the religion of FoRK is like this.
Dogbert is Supreme Ruler of the Planet, giving him jurisdiction over
FoRK as well. Rohit is the patron saint of FoRK, but its real divine
spirit is Dave Siegel. We'll call it "Church of the Supergenius."

For an inkling as to why Dave is so divine, one need only page through
his web sight. For example,
is an example of the great stuff you'll find there.

Per-capita consumption in the U.S., 1993

Pounds of pure-fat products (butter, oils, lard, margarine): 68
Pounds of sugar and other sweeteners: 165
Pounds of dairy products: 572 (down 29 pounds from 1987)
Pounds of cheese: 26
Pounds of beans: 7
Pounds of wheat-based products: 189
Pounds of beef: 63
Pounds of chicken: 48
Pounds of fish and shellfish: 15
Pounds of turkey: 14
Number of eggs: 235
Pounds of candy: 22
Pounds of chocolate: 11

Micky-Dee's rules the world:

Number of customers served by McDonald's daily: 28 million
Number of hours between openings of a new McDonald's restaurant: 8.5

Some of America's favorites:

America's favorite sandwich: ham
America's second favorite sandwich: steak
America's third favorite sandwich: cheese

America's favorite vegetable is a starch: the potato
America's second favorite vegetable is water: iceberg lettuce
Americ'as third favorite vegetable is a fruit: tomato
America's fourth favorite vegetable is a condiment: onion
America's fifth favorite vegetable is actually a worthwhile vegetable:
America's sixth favorite vegetable is water: celery
America's seventh favorite vegetable is a starch: corn
America's eighth favorite vegetable is actually a worthwhile vegetable:

America's favorite cheese: cheddar
America's second favorite cheese: Mozzarella

Just for your information:

Number of calories in one gram of fat: 9
Number of calories in one gram of sugar: 4
Number of calories in one gram of protein: 4