Re: Tim appears in today's FermiNews

Rohit Khare (
Mon, 26 Aug 96 13:37:23 -0400

Wayne forwarded:

> I just flipped open the latest FermiNews, and behold, there's Tim
> Berners-Lee! That shouldn't be surprising, considering the genesis of The Web
> and its high- energy physics roots. But I was surprised anyway. I'd gotten
> accustomed to seeing that name in the FoRK archives, not in Fermi Computing
> Division items.

Well, I finally got around to downloading it. It includes this gem:

"But of the millions who type "http://www..." every day, how many realize
that -- like the universe itself -- it all began with high-energy physics?"


Heck, we could change our mission statement: "Leveraging the full potential
of the Universe" -- it wouldn't change our scope of activity much...

Actually, for the record, the Web is defined at the W3C as "the universe of
all network-accessible information"

Rohit Khare