RE: Help, anagrammers wanted.

I'm not a real doofus, but I play one at a national laboratory. (
Mon, 26 Aug 1996 13:36:10 -0500 (CDT)

Oh, sure. Hit me in my weak spot. ;-)

So, Adam, how many do you *really* want? (My anagrammer found over 1-1/4
million combinations when limited to 4 or fewer words.) And do you want ones
which include a very indelicate word? In any case, I'll send a collection
under separate cover, so as not to fill the archive with meaningless
permutation. But for the rest of you, here are a few:

C:\DOS\, e'er nutritious
censure our St. Idiot
certitude so rousin'
coeditors in uterus
contoured IRS suite
contoured suit, sire
contoured uteri, sis
coroutine studiers
cuisine o'er to turds
countries oust Reid
countries' riots due
court our destinies
courteous IRS? end it!
courteous stride in
courtiers undo ties
couturier is stoned
couturiere toss'd in
couturieres in dots
creditor is tenuous
cretinous outsider
crudities onto user
curiouser tit nodes
cut Oreo industries
decorous intuiters
Di is courteous rent
Di's couturier onset
directories 'nu' to us
direct us in utero, os
disco's true routine
disinter courteous
douse tin courtiers
editors coin 'uterus'
E-I-E-I-O stuns court Dr.
erudition cures sot
erudition scouters
escort us, Erudition
I contested sour Uri
I courted Nestorius
I countered suitors
I cue stertorous din
I cut nurseries' doot
I'd cortisone uterus
I.e., douse instructor
I introduce ousters
incestuous or tired
incurious to desert
intercourse studio
inter discourteous
interior scouts due
introduces our site
Io detectors ruin us
I rousted countries
I, rude to suctioners
I rue stud cortisone
I see inductors tour
I snouted courtiers
I sue contorted Uris
I sue dour cornetist
it cuts erroneous Di
it roused countries
I trussed coroutine
It's Courteous Diner!
Ito rues reductions
Ito's nude courtiers
I use ion destructor
no suited courtiers
O crustiest Rio nude
O curiouser dentist
O Cut-Rite urine sods
o'er suit reductions
O our cute dirtiness
O stir our inductees
O suture discretion
or tits, in due course
or UN turd societies
our centroids suite
our court densities
our cretinous deist
our crudities' onset
our doctrines use it
our necrotised suit
our uteri consisted
O use dirt, countries
out, snide courtiers
outriders' counties
O uterus discretion
Re: inside-out courts
ride our suction set
rue cut to Ironsides
rue trout decisions
seditious trouncer
sour centuries do it
suctioners' riot due
trio used countries
untie our dissector
urine -- crossed out it
urine, crustiest doo
urine? doctor uses it
Uri's recondite to us
use distortion cure