I have had it .. We are suing NetSol (fwd)

Jeff Barr jeff@vertexdev.com
Tue, 31 Jul 2001 09:30:24 -0700

I spent about half of my working hours yesterday trying to accomplish
two seemingly simple tasks - create a new host record at NetSol and
then assign it as the name server for two domains. After generating
and replying to at least 12 different forms, 

I have yet to create data that they actually accept as valid. I fill 
in their web form and the info is validated on the server. They mail it 
to me and I reply to it without making changes. Then they reject it 
telling me that something is wrong. This is the data that they put
in the form on their side! Argh!@^%

Something is seriously wrong when idiots like these get to control
an essential piece of the internet. When you really think about it, 
running a domain registry is about as complicated as managing the 
subscription list for a magazine. And you don't even have to print 
or deliver the freakin' magazine. 



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Subject: I have had it .. We are suing NetSol (fwd)

Here's a good example of what I'm seeing a whole lot of from other RSPs.

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Subject: I have had it .. We are suing NetSol

I am sick and friggin tired of this crap from NetSol:

Subject: Decline of Transfer Request for Domain Name: domainname.com

Requesting Registrar: Tucows, Inc..
Current Registrar: Network Solutions, Inc..

Dear Bella Mia dba Maria's Internet Access:

The current registrar for the domainname.com domain name rejected the
transfer request you submitted.   Pursuant to established NSI Registry
procedures, the transfer is declined.
Please contact the current registrar listed above for a further
explanation of the rejection. </SNIP>


This is an automated response to alert you that a transfer request for
domainname.com for reg_system order # 36XXXXX has failed for the
following reason:

        Transfer timed out waiting for registry approval

If you have any questions, please contact transfers@opensrs.org.


What the hell is this shit?  The last 16 transfers we have done, or that
our customers have done have failed.  We have not had a successful NSI
to Tucows transfer in over a month.  The customers approve of the
transfer, but NetSol refuses the transfers.  This is absolute bull shit.
This started about the same time that NetSol began crying that domain
registrars where stealing their customers.

On top of that, we, as I am sure a number of other OpenSRS resellers
have had to fax Tucows documentation "proving" that our customers wanted
their domains transferred from NetSol to Tucows... No, really... You
mean they would rather pay 3-4 times more for domain registrations, and

rather deal with the retards an NetSol?

What can we do?  I am seriously considering suing ICANN as well at this
point. They sit idly by while this crap goes on. It has been impossible
for us, and our customers to transfer a domain from NetSol to Tucows for
over a month now.

Also, one of the other tricks that NetSol plays is to fail to respond to
a transfer request until "after" the domain has expired.  Then they
refuse the transfer claiming that it cannot be transferred because the
domain name has expired.  In order to transfer the domain you then have
to pay NetSol $35 to renew the domain.  These guys are crooks!

These guys are criminals.  Every time I talk to them on the phone I get
no where.  I end up losing it and telling them where to go.  So at this
point I am either going to sue NetSol, or just hire someone to take them
out of the business.

Jeremy Anthony Kinsey
VP Network Operations

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