Re[2]: Why "loss of productivity" is NOT an issue

Tue, 31 Jul 2001 17:25:25 -0700

Hello Jeff,

Tuesday, July 31, 2001, 1:00:00 PM, you wrote:

JB> Here's the deal:  I won't smoke in your house, or your office, and you won't
JB> put Zyclon B in my shower.  I'll respect your *reasonable* expectation of clean
JB> air, generally, and you respect my *reasonable* expectation of being able to
JB> pollute my own, and designated public, airspaces.  How's that?  Seems equitable
JB> to me.  On the other hand, if you come into my bar where I allow smoking and,
JB> 30 years later, you get lung cancer...  tough titty, kitty.

So fine.. I accept your deal. What happens with the smokers who don't
feel like even doing that?  OR here's one that I face every fucking
day:  I go sit out side (because last time I checked, the outside was
not totally owned by the smokers;).  SMoker A is directly holding
their cancer stick in my immediate vicinity.  They breathe their
    pollution in my face and look at me like I'm the one with the
    complex.  It violates your 'pollutes your own' bit quite a bit,
yet it continually happens each and every time I go out.  Nagging them
does nothing. Usually , it leads to the lovely effect known as 'smoker
gang-up' where all smokers surround me, and blow nasty smoke in my
face.  OR friends get offended (imagine that, offended because I don't
want to die of their habit) and purposely get rude about it.

Unfortunately Jeff, most folks aren't that nice.  And most folks I
deal with that smoke tend to get pissy as fuck about being told to
redirect their habit.  Or not smoke in my car /personal space/ house.

I'm sure the natural response will be 'get new friends'.  Bah.



Best regards,