Re[2]: Why "loss of productivity" is NOT an issue

Tue, 31 Jul 2001 17:36:22 -0700

Jbone smokethed:

(b) you filter with your feet in the case where
talking about outdoor areas.  As long as you can handle those
you and I will get along "jist fin'."

Listen Jeff, the argument to filter with your feet is all fine and
good, but I don't think one should have to -move- in every fucking
situation.  Kind of hard to move (say) at a restauraunt, or at a
coffeehouse, when you're in the middle of conversation with friends.
I don't understand why the smoking community can't be considerate when
it comes to the health of non-smokers.  I'm not even talking about
putting it out for fucks sake.  A simple change of direction would be
fine.  Odds are, you'd say to 'move with my feet' for even something
simple like that.


Here's an example for you:

Lets say, I have a massive ammount of flatulence.   I'm standing next
to you, talking and whatnot, and you're downstream.  I keep farting
and farting and FARTING.. and don't seem to notice, mind or be
bothered.  You politely ask me to stop.  I look at you with that
oh-so-typical incredulous look of 'WHy' and politely tell you to go
fuck yourself, or (even better), turn my ass to your face, and let one
rip.  A big nasty smelly one.  You're talking with myself, and lets
say, a bunch of your friends.  Would you just get up and leave?  Move
with your feet as you keep telling us folks who don't want to smell
your stink?

I doubt it.

Best regards,