Why "loss of productivity" is NOT an issue

Jeff Bone jbone@jump.net
Tue, 31 Jul 2001 22:32:03 -0500

carey wrote:

> Jbone smokethed:
> (b) you filter with your feet in the case where
> we're
> talking about outdoor areas.  As long as you can handle those
> stipulations,
> you and I will get along "jist fin'."
> Listen Jeff, the argument to filter with your feet is all fine and
> good, but I don't think one should have to -move- in every fucking
> situation.

Fine.  Never support the anti-tax "move or submit" argument, then...

> Kind of hard to move (say) at a restauraunt,

Not at all, I've done it many times for many a reason...

> or at a
> coffeehouse,

Neither is it hard here...

> when you're in the middle of conversation with friends.

Ah, well, then, we get to the heart of the argument:  who occupied the
space first?  The late-comer --- smoker or non --- should submit out of
common courtesy.  If this doesn't happen, then the onus is on the offended
party to remove the offense, through any (and most expedient) means.  This
usually means the offendee removing kerself from the offense.

> I don't understand why the smoking community can't be considerate when
> it comes to the health of non-smokers.

Perhaps it's because of the militant, sanctious, egalistic / activist /
authoritarian, sanctimonious, indignant, and otherwise non-libertartian
bull-shite attitude y'all flack to us.  There's health, and then there's
politics.  Separation of smokers and non-smokers should satisfy you,
though not a true social libertarian;  and if you're satisfied with that,
the war should be over;  yet you and yours wage it onwards.  Fook Yew!  In
the face of your intolerance and disregard I will sneak into your wee
ones' windows to blow smoke in their collick' faces, in hopes of them
kin'racking a canker of the most dire-ous sort!

(Forgive me language, I've been reading old fam'ly Scottish texts...  ;-)

> I'm not even talking about
> putting it out for fucks sake.  A simple change of direction would be
> fine.  Odds are, you'd say to 'move with my feet' for even something
> simple like that.

That's damn right, in pooblic.

> Lets say, I have a massive ammount of flatulence.   I'm standing next
> to you, talking and whatnot, and you're downstream.  I keep farting
> and farting and FARTING.. and don't seem to notice, mind or be
> bothered.  You politely ask me to stop.  I look at you with that
> oh-so-typical incredulous look of 'WHy' and politely tell you to go
> fuck yourself, or (even better), turn my ass to your face, and let one
> rip.  A big nasty smelly one.  You're talking with myself, and lets
> say, a bunch of your friends.  Would you just get up and leave?  Move
> with your feet as you keep telling us folks who don't want to smell
> your stink?
> I doubt it.

I would move away rather than get into a fart war;  I simply cannot
compete at will.  And I ACCEPT the responsibility for what arrives at my