Web Services: Its So Crazy, It Just Might Not Work

Mark Baker mbaker@markbaker.ca
Wed, 1 Aug 2001 11:39:37 -0400 (EDT)

> To be fair, I don't think Mark wants to introduce new semantics into
> http. I think he wants all the semantics that can't be encoded into
> http methods to be put in the places http can carry other data.
> This, I think, makes the difference between his pov and the XML-RPC
> camps pov very slender, because once you decide to use POST as a
> general purpose method, you've practically got XML-RPC.

Heh.  Clay Shirky is defending my position ... well.  I feel all
gooey inside. 8-)

> Channeling Mark again, I don't think he wants a new wireline
> protocol. I think he wants people to use http straight, no chaser.

Yep, with a minor proviso;

I'm not against adding new semantics to HTTP, but I am against
adding new application semantics that don't operate on resources.
WebDAV, for example, adds a couple useful ones (and some, IMHO,
stinkers).  PEP had some good ones that RFC 2774 absorbed (since
absorbed into SOAP).

The key behind these new semantics, is that they be defined as
operations on resources - existing resources even - so that
invoking "LOCK" on http://www.markbaker.ca means something,
whereas invoking "getMyGoat" on it doesn't.