Tobacco smoke, mustard gas, war

Gregory Alan Bolcer
Wed, 01 Aug 2001 10:09:16 -0700

Not this debate again. 

I was up in San Jose yesterday for a day trip and took some time to 
drop by the KnowNow offices.  Very nice location and I didn't realize
how much I missed a daily dose of Rohit.  Seeing Rohit, Adam, Sally, Xander,
Dossick(MIA), and a few other friendlies & forkers all working in their kidney
colored offices was quite a treat.   

The reason this is in a tobacco thread is that on the way back, I sat
next to a kind old gentleman and his wife coming back from San Jose
who had a bundle of churchills straight from Cuba.   I joked with him
about being a non-smoking flight and half way through the fight, he
insisted on giving me one.   Street valueof a label-intact, gently humidified,
Cuban churchill?   About $40.  Value of a perfect random act of
kindness capping a perfect day?  Priceless. 


Russell Turpin wrote:
> Tom Whore writes:
> >In case your still not hip to the think, replace the words "cigerte smoke"
> >with "mustard gas" and see if your still down wit it.
> And:
> >If joe smoker intrudes on my airspace its war.
> Both law and ethics demand proportionate response.
> Tobacco smoke is *not* mustard gas. That comparison
> is just plain dumb. The appropriate response to someone
> smoking where they shouldn't is, in a polite tone, to
> say: "I'd prefer you didn't smoke here, please." You're
> allowed a much greater response to someone launching a
> canister of mustard gas.
> If your response is somewhat disproportionate to the
> offense, you're just rude. If your response is as
> greatly disproportionate as are tobacco smoke and
> mustard gas, the police and local justice system will
> help teach these concepts to you. And sometimes, in
> public areas, you either put up with minor offenses,
> or you learn to lead with manners rather than indignation,
> or you move away from the people who are offending you, or
> you escalate your way to jail. Your choice.
> Russell
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