More on SandyBottom-winner Adobe / M&Ms

Dave Long
Wed, 08 Aug 2001 11:52:36 -0700

[PDF generically allows one to:]
> - render the pages out of order (rendering of one page may depend on
>   the state of the PostScript virtual machine produced by previous pages)

I don't know if it is lameness in
the PDF format, or just in my set
of viewers*, but I've noticed that
while it is easy to look at the
first page/abstract/whatever of a
.ps download and determine if it's
likely to be worthwhile continuing
to retrieve the entire document, a
partial .pdf is unviewable.

- -Dave

* gv: nice and fast, for most cases
acroread: about as sharp as a sack
full of wet mice, but still a good
fallback for the 5% of PDF's which
won't work in gv.  Would any recent
versions of either work better for
partial downloads?

Speaking of vintage warez:

> 'those who do not back up the past on 8mm tape are doomed to
>  repeat it' 

but those who did back up the past
on 9-track tape are also doomed to
repeat it.

On the other hand, I have heard of
running old Atari programs by using
audio-in and a decoding utility to
read the waveforms on the original
audio tape, then emulating.


> BTW, I keep thinking about those brown M&Ms. Wouldn't Truely
> Serious Jack get one *bags of brown-free M&Ms*, straight
> from the M&M/Mars factory? Who wants some lackey pawing
> through one's candy, anyway?

What's the difference?  Wouldn't M&M/
Mars just have one of their lackeys
paw through the candy for "straight
from the factory" delivery?

My fiancee points out that the holiday
M&M's are already brown-free.  What's
the shelf life of an M&M package?  How
well does prefetching substitute for
the TSJ?